It is unusual that in a product profile we recommend an item as a great gift for grandkids as well as a great gift for oneself and other older adults. The plamOne Zire 31 ($129.99) warrants breaking from our standard product profile format.

This PDA (personal digital assistant) handheld gives you outstanding organization at an affordable price. Take, for example, its bright, easy-to-read color screen. Or the wide range of organizational features—from contacts and calendar to memos and a note pad. Not to mention the MP3 player that lets you carry music wherever you go.

The Zire 31 is small and light, yet stores thousands of names, numbers, appointments and memos. You can add a photo to a contact so you'll never forget a name. It's easy and fast to find stuff, since you can organize appointments by category, color and more. You can save a backup copy of your information on your computer. You can also set alarms and reminders.

This device will help the user be well-organized... a priceless function in today's world.

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