Gourmet cookware for serious chefs and home cooks

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Meyer Corporation is the world's third largest manufacturer of gourmet cookware. Two of Meyer’s cookware lines are very popular with both serious chefs and home cooks who take their cooking seriously. 

The AnolonŽ Professional line is for consumers who wants the commercial features and quality of cookware with a hard anodized body, heavy weight riveted metal handles, a nonstick surface, and a low silhouette glass lid. The extra weight of the Analon series improves heat distribution, substantially reducing the occurrence of "hot spots" and maximizing food release durability.

The CirculonŽ Classic line is designed to accommodate the needs of everyday cooking in busy households. Heat resistant plastic handles are oven safe to 350 F. An interesting addition to this line are the unique straining pans. The 5-quart Straining Colander Stockpot lid has two hole sizes for straining small or large foods. The 9-inch Straining Saute Pan and the 2.5-quart Straining Windsor Pan have different size pour spouts on either side of the pan.

We have used and are impressed with the cookware listed below. These items may be ordered directly from Meyer (800-326-3933) or may be found in many local stores. Prices are the suggested retail price but local stores sometimes offer these items at discounted prices.
* Anolon Professional 7" Open French Skillet ($20)
* Anolon Professional 4-qt. Multipurpose Pot ($230)
        (includes: Pot, Steamer, Double Boiler, Pasta Insert, and Lid)
* Circulon Covered Universal 8-qt. Pasta Insert ($77)
* Circulon 4.5-qt. Stackable Steamer ($47)
        (fits 5.5 and 8-qt Stockpots)
* Circulon Classic 5-quart Straining Colander Stockpot ($100)
* Circulon Classic 9-inch Straining Saute Pan ($60)
* Circulon Classic 2.5-quart Straining Windsor Pan ($60)