Impotence Resources

  • Overcoming Impotence: A Doctor's Proven Guide to Regaining Sexual Vitality. $15.95. Available in bookstores or by calling, 800-288-4745. Describes the latest medical findings and treatments, with simple tests that can be done at home to determine whether an impotency problem is temporary or chronic. A discussion of psychotherapy and sex therapy includes costs of these treatments and tips for getting insurance carriers to cover most of the expense. Appendices list prescription and nonprescription drugs that have been linked to impotence, names and addresses of support groups, and a glossary .
  • Urology & You. $20/year. 212-221-1196. Website: This quarterly newsletter addresses common urologic conditions (male infer-tility, impotence, prostate cancer, female incontinence, and sexually transmitted diseases) along with other timely health topics, such as AIDS. The news-letter's author, Dr. Edward Moss, provides a question and answer column "Ask Dr. Moss," and almost every issue includes information on impotence.
  • According to a January 1997 issue of The New England Journal of Medicine, the results of a study on the treatment of erectile dysfunction with MUSEŽ (alprostadil), show that it was "well-tolerated and effectively restored the capacity for erections and sexual intercourse in a substantial proportion of men with chronic erectile dysfunction." MUSE is a noninjectable, disposable plastic applicator containing a microsuppository of the medication. The stem of the applicator is inserted approximately one inch into the urethra where the medication is released. Patients seeking product information may call, 888-367-6873.
  • The Impotence Institute of America (IIA). 800-669-1603. The Institute provides a toll-free help-line to anyone seeking information about impotence. Callers may also receive a free copy of an informational booklet, a list of physicians in their area who specialize in the treatment of impotence, and Chapter meeting locations and schedules for Impotents Anonymous (I-ANON), a national network of over 50 support groups for sufferers and their partners.

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