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Alfred Hitchcock Quiz


by Kathleen Kaska

     This year marks the centennial of filmmaking genius Alfred Hitchcock who was born in London, England on August 13, 1899. Long considered the master of the thriller genre, Hitchcock made fifty-three films in his fifty-four year career.
     How carefully have you studied Alfred Hitchcock’s work? Here are twenty questions to test your Hitchcock I.Q.

1. Grace Kelly starred in three screen vehicles for Hitchcock. Which of the following was 
        NOT one of her acting assignments for the director?

a. Rebecca
b. Rear Window
c. Dial M for Murder
d. To Catch a Thief

2. In the new version of Psycho, Anne Heche plays a thief who makes a fatal mistake by
        taking refuge at the Bates Motel. In the 1960 original, starring Anthony Perkins as
        Norman Bates, it is _________who plays Marion Crane.

a. Vera Miles
b. Kim Novak
c. Tippi Hedren
d. Janet Leigh

3. Which actor plays Max de Winter in Hitchcock’s first American-made film Rebecca?

a. David Niven
b. Laurence Olivier
c. Richard Burton
d. Clark Gable

4. Christopher Reeve reworked Hitchcock’s 1954 thriller Rear Window and starred as
        the lead Who plays the lead role in the original film?

a. James Stewart
b. Cary Grant
c. Farley Granger
d. Gregory Peck

5. Which of his own movies did Hitchcock remake in 1956, twenty-two years after the
        original film was released?

a. The Trouble with Harry
b. To Catch a Thief
c. The Man Who Knew Too Much
d. The Wrong Man

6. For which movie was Hitchcock NOT nominated for Best Director by the Academy of
        Motion Picture Arts and Sciences?

a. Rebecca
b. Psycho
c. Lifeboat
d. The Birds

7. In which film does Hitchcock make his famous cameo appearance wearing a cowboy

a. Psycho
b. The Birds
c. Marnie
d. Strangers on a Train

8. Which model made her film debut in Hitchcock’s 1963 suspense picture The Birds?

a. Julie Harris
b. Tippi Hedren
c. Lee Remick
d. Piper Laurie

9. In how many Hitchcock pictures did James Stewart star?

a. six
b. four
c. three
d. five

10. Michael Douglas plays the murderous husband in A Perfect Murder, a remake of
        Hitchcock’s 1954 film Dial M for Murder. Who plays the male lead in the original

a. Cary Grant
b. James Stewart
c. Henry Fonda
d. Ray Milland

11. Who plays Alicia Huberman in Hitchcock’s 1946 spy-thriller Notorious?

a. Ingrid Bergman
b. Joan Fontaine
c. Teresa Wright
d. Marlene Dietrich

12. Which Hitchcock movie did Universal restore in 70 millimeter and re-release
        thirty-eight years after the original’s debut?

a. Marnie
b. Vertigo
c. Rear Window
d. Rope

13. Who played Roger Thornhill in Hitchcock’s espionage-mystery North by Northwest?

a. James Stewart
b. Sean Connery
c. Gregory Peck
d. Cary Grant

14. Who is the only other actress besides Grace Kelly to starred in three Hitchcock films?

a. Janet Leigh
b. Ingrid Bergman
c. Tippi Hedren
d. Marlene Dietrich

15. Kim Novak was not Hitchcock’s first choice to play the complex role of
        Madeleine/Judy in the highly acclaimed Veritgo. Novak was selected after another
        actress was forced to resign the role because of her pregnancy. Who was this actress?

a. Doris Day
b. Anne Baxter
c. Vera Miles
d. Ava Gardner

16. Which was the first picture Hitchcock filmed in color?

a. Rope
b. Under Capricorn
c. Stage Fright
d. Spellbound

17. Which film was shot in the East End of London near Hitchcock’s boyhood home?

a. Blackmail
b. Number Seventeen
c. Torn Curtain
d. Frenzy

18. Which Hitchcock silent film was based on the story of Jack the Ripper?

a. Easy Virtue
b. The Pleasure Garden
c. Downhill
d. The Lodger

19. Hitchcock and Carole Lombard were close friends. However, she starred in only one
        of his film. What was the name of this film?

a. Suspicion
b. Mr. and Mrs. Smith
c. Jamaica Inn
d. Rebecca

20 Which was Hitchcock’s last picture? It was filmed in 1976.

a. Topaz
b. Torn Curtain
c. Frenzy
d. Family Plot


1. a. Rebecca
2. d. Janet Leigh
3. b. Laurence Olivier
4. a. James Stewart
5. c. The Man Who Knew Too Much
6. d. The Birds
7. a. Psycho
8. b. Tippi Hedren
9. b. four
10. d. Ray Milland
11. a. Ingrid Bergman
12. b. Vertigo
13. d. Cary Grant
14. b. Ingrid Bergman
15. c. Vera Miles
16. a. Rope
17. d. Frenzy
18. d. The Lodger
19. b. Mr. and Mrs. Smith
20. d. Family Plot

15-20 correct answers— You are a master of Hitchcock trivia.
9-14 correct answers — You know your Hitchcock movies.
Under 9 correct answers — Better head to the Hitchcock section in your near-by video store.

From The Alfred Hitchcock Triviography & Quiz Book by Kathleen Kaska. Copyright 1999 by Kathleen Kaska. Excerpted by arrangement with Renaissance Books. $12.95. Available in local bookstores or call 800-452-5589 or click here.