They're Here!


by Dr. Lillian Carson

They're traveling over the river and through the wood to you! The anticipation is great. You can't wait. You plan and prepare. You end up needing a vacation. Here are some tips that prepare you for the reality and help you make the best of it. Preparation is the key to successful visits. Young children do best when their regular routine is not interrupted, and they don't get overstimulated or overtired. Don't impose your ideas on your visitors. Offer suggestions, but let them decide what they want to do. If you have tickets for an event, let them know in advance. It's something special for them to look forward to and will help them plan. Remain flexible, and allow time for just hanging out. That is often the most enjoyable time and provides the best quality interaction. These tips will help you enjoy your family's visits.

Prepare Yourself:

Prepare Your House:

Prepare For Activities:

Roll With the Punches:

From The Essential Grandparent, by Dr. Lillian Carson. 1996 by Dr. Lillian Carson. Excerpted by arrangement with Health Communications, Inc. $10.95. Available in local bookstores, or call 800-441-5569, or click here.