According to Fiscalini Farms, there are only ten farmstead cheesemakers producing cow's milk cheese in the state of California. The California Milk Advisory Board defines farmstead as "Artisan-style cheeses made from milk obtained from animals located on the farm where the cheese is made." As farmstead cheesemakers, Fiscalini can control the entire process from beginning to end. Fiscalini Farms became the first commercial dairy in the United States to receive animal-welfare certification. All-natural ingredients used in making the cheese. Fiscalini cheddar is white, naturally as nature intended cheddar cheese to be. (Yellow and orange cheddars have been artificially colored.)

Some of our favorites include the following:
16 oz Fiscalini San Joaquin Gold --  An American Original
($16.00). This is a semi hard cheese with a natural rind and a mild buttery taste. It is made in the style of a Fontina, but with more salt and a firmer texture. Straw in color, it is a wonderful cheese for snacking, but can also be used as a topping for soups or salads. It grates well, and melts easily. Uses include cheese toast or as a Caesar salad garnish.

8 oz  Fiscalini  Purple Moon Cabernet-soaked Cheddar ($7.50)
16 oz  Fiscalini  Purple Moon Cabernet-soaked Cheddar ($15.00)

8 oz Fiscalini Cheddar ($7.50)
16 oz Fiscalini Cheddar ($15.00)

Available in California at better supermarkets or click here.