Accounting Software

Today, many older adults are starting their own businesses after ending a previous career. Whether starting a business is the culmination of a lifetime dream, the sudden recognition of a great business opportunity, or a decision born out of financial necessity, Intuit, Inc has created accounting software that make it much easier to handle the paperwork and finances of your company.
QuickBooks Pro 2001 for Windows ($249.95) makes it easy to create custom invoices, enter sales, perform electronic banking, track customer contacts, track your time, manage inventory, handle payroll, and prepare for tax time. Additional features provide complete time tracking, billing, job costing, and estimating.

This software enables you to export customer data directly into Microsoft Word and you are provided with a library of 25 pre-written business letters that can be customized to meet your needs. You can also export data into Microsoft Excel to produce a variety of useful reports and graphs.

There is no need to understand or learn accounting jargon since all of the accounting is done automatically when you fill in invoices, checks, and forms on screen. The contact management features are especially helpful for keeping track of To-Do lists and communications with your customers. You can tailor QuickBooks Pro to your business needs and you can fax and e-mail invoices and estimates directly from this software so you get paid faster.

The software is designed for any small business and home office with 1-20 employees.

Although Intuit decided to not upgrade QuickBooks Pro 4.0 for Macintosh ($199.95) at this time, the software does contain most of the features found in QuickBooks Pro 2001

The software may be purchased from local software retailers or by calling 800-446-8848 or click here for QuickBooks Pro 2001 or click here for QuickBooks Pro 4.0.