TASSIMO Hot Beverage System ($129.99) With the TASSIMO machine and the TASSIMO Discs (T DISCs) the same machine that makes a freshly brewed coffee and real espresso also makes milk based lattes and cappuccinos, steeped tea and rich hot chocolate. Each cup is freshly brewed to celebrate its true character.

The ingenious TASSIMO Disc (T DISC) is designed to work exclusively with the TASSIMO machine. Each T DISC contains a precisely measured amount of coffee, tea, chocolate, or concentrated milk, and is sealed to protect the precious flavor inside.

When you insert the T DISC, the machine reads the bar code printed on the label. It automatically calculates the amount of water needed, brewing time, and temperature required to prepare the perfect beverage. All the brewing happens inside the T DISC using a unique inverse flow. Your beverage pours directly from the T DISC into the cup so you can prepare different drinks, one after the other.

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