The Solis Maestro PLUS Conical Burr Coffee Grinder ($149) and the Solis Crema SL-70 Espresso Machine ($425) will save their user thousands of dollars. Anyone who has ever tasted a decent latte, cappuccino, or espresso has to admit that most home-brewed coffee pales by comparison. This reality explains the ubiquitous presence throughout the United States of Starbucks® and other similar coffee bars. Of course, the drawback to this awareness is the typical $3 per day cost of starting your day with a decent cup of coffee. Solis of Switzerland now offers an opportunity to start your day at home with a great latte or other espresso drink. While the initial cost of a good quality coffee bean grinder and espresso machine may seem a bit self-indulgent, when you calculate the annual savings from brewing your own coffee there is no reason to feel guilty when you purchase a grinder and espresso machine for yourself or as a gift. An additional benefit is that all Solis products are offered with unlimited toll free technical support service (877.701.2020) and a limited one-year parts and labor warranty.


Solis Maestro PLUS Conical Burr Coffee Grinder enables you to precision fine-tune your espresso grind settings. The Maestro is designed and assembled in the USA using many quality components from Switzerland. Innovative features include smooth, quiet operation which is the result from motor isolation; conical burrs that give a fine grind critical for perfect espresso extraction, over 50% greater grind adjustment compared to other grinders in its class, ranging from a fine Turkish grind to a nice even French coffee press grind, and a special gear reduction for slow rotation, ensuring the retention of the aroma and flavor of the freshly ground beans. It features a powerful 160 watt electric motor that won’t bog down when grinding at fine settings.


Detailed Product Features:

To order the Solis Maestro PLUS Conical Burr Coffee Grinder, call 888.437.8340 or click here.


The Solis Crema SL 70 Semiautomatic Traditional Pump Driven Espresso Machine will, after a little practice, deliver perfect espresso, cappuccino, lattes, café mochas and other coffee house drinks with ease. The large brass boiler creates powerful steam in no time for foaming milk to make lattes. Enjoy easy-to-use controls, cup warming feature, 3 liter water tank, 19 BAR water pump, and space saving design. The SL 70 has an initial heat up time of just over two minutes. It brews a single shot of espresso in 15-20 seconds, and a double shot in 20-25 seconds. You can foam milk for an 8 oz. latte in 58 seconds, and a 12 oz. latte in 96 seconds. According to the manufacturer, this out does the performance of any other machine in its class.

Detailed Product Features:

To order the Solis Crema SL-70 Black Espresso Machine, call 888.437.8340 or click here.