New Rooms for Old Houses The most popular American house styles today are still the classics from yesterday--Capes, Bungalows, Victorians and Federals. The perennial struggle, however, is how to best live in them with our changing needs. Often, we need more space. The likely solution? Add on. The challenge? How to do it right.

Published in conjunction with The National Trust for Historic Preservation, NEW ROOMS FOR OLD HOUSES by renowned architect Frank Shirley contains more than 300 full-color photos. It is a beautiful design guide and essential resource for anyone who loves classic American houses or is considering expanding an old home.

Through words and pictures, Shirley shows how to enlarge a home without sacrificing the charm and character of the original structure. Using the guiding principle of “harmony,” Shirley walks readers through the four cornerstones of design on which, he believes, all old house expansions should be based: balance, public and private areas, the careful use of transitions, and the choice of appropriate materials.

Packed with photos, both before and after shots, and architectural drawings, NEW ROOMS FOR OLD HOUSES is a fascinating tour through the golden age of architecture. $40.00. Available in local bookstores or call 800.888.8286 or click here.