The Many Adventures of Pengey Penguin ($17.95). On a night alive with the lights of the Aurora Australis, a distant and abandoned weather station holds the only hope for a young emperor penguin who lies close to death on the most remote ice sheet in Antartica. His name is Pengey Penguin. Even though he was abandoned under the most unusual circumstances, he grew to be an adventurous spirit, undaunted by his troubles and driven by unwavering devotion to his principles and the love of Wendy, the human who saved him from certain death by starvation. Now it should be thoroughly understood that Pengey is not very tall and he is certainly not very strong, but he is very quick, extremely smart, exceedingly polite and very well mannered. This is his story, or at least how it all began.

This book is a tall tale of courage and hope, loyalty and friendship and evil villains and narrow escapes. It's a story that's filled with little cliffhangers that make it perfect for reading over several nights at bedtime.

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