According to its manufacturer, the PALight ($19.95) runs 20 times longer than the average flashlight. The secret behind this claim is that the flashlight uses an LED bulb instead of am incandescent bulb. This new technology greatly extends the life of the 9-volt battery operating the PALight.

Another useful feature of this flashlight is its four lighting options. The "Always On" setting is perfect for finding the flashlight in bedside drawer or in the bottom of a purse. When in this setting, the light will last for more than two years. The medium intensity light setting is sufficient to read in the dark for over 200 hours. The high intensity setting provides visibility for 100 feet. The fourth setting is a strobe that flashes at 1.5 second intervals for use as an emergency beacon. The PALight is small, comfortable to use and encased in soft synthetic rubber that makes it durable and water-resistant.

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