Derived from the Greek homeo, meaning "same", and pathos, meaning "suffering", homeopathy obeys the "Law of Similars" to treat "like with like." In other words, if a substance can cause symptoms of an illness in a healthy person, it can cure those same symptoms in a sick person by stimulating their Vital Forces to rebalance bodily systems. For example: If you suffer from hay fever, your eyes might get watery and you might experience a burning nasal discharge. Instead of prescribing an antihistamine to dry up the discharge, a homeopath might prescribe Allium cepa, a tiny dose of onion, because onion is known to cause watery eyes and a burning nasal discharge. Most modern vaccinations are based on this concept as well. For instance, a flu shot contains a tiny amount of the flu virus it is designed to protect against.


The goal of homeopathy is to stimulate the body's natural defenses against disease by administering extreme dilutions of particular herbs, minerals, and other natural substances known as "remedies." The remedy is the end result of the homeopathic preparation process. Typically, remedies come in the form of lactose tablets, sucrose pellets, or alcohol- or water-based solutions. According to the manufacturer, Sympathical Pharmaceuticals has taken this science to a new level, beyond oral dosing to direct contact with sensitive tissues in need of specific homeopathic remedies.

Homeopathic Men's Shaving Gel ($24.95 for 4 ounces) is an all-natural health aid that was scientifically formulated to stimulate the body's natural healing responses. Designed to deliver direct and instant homeopathic support to beard and skin, this shaving gel lifts the hair shaft and nourishes the skin for a close, friction-free shave. Rely on this remedy-enhanced lotion to provide temporary relief from:

In-grown hairs and pimples

Dry skin and rashes

Shaving burns

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Homeopathic Arthritis Lotion ($28.95 for 4 ounces) is an all-natural OTC health aid that delivers homeopathic support directly to the source of your suffering. Scientifically formulated to stimulate the body's natural healing response to chronic arthritis pain, this fast-acting lotion contains key remedies proven to provide temporary relief from:

Swelling and cracking of joints

Rheumatic pains throughout back, limbs, shoulders, fingers, small joints, and muscles


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