The nation's top professional storytellers bring their most amazing tales to life in the StoryWatchers Club series of DVDs. Special effects, animation, music, and a cast of multicultural clubhouse puppets humorously lead the way from one story to the next. Children will feel the magic and energy of each live, fun-filled, humorous performance right along with the kids in the studio audience! \

Christmas features engrossing Yuletide yarns that embrace the spirit of the season. Tales include the story of a little girl in search of  a very special gift for Santa and the story of the origin of the very first Christmas tree.  $19.95. To order call 877.786.7998 or click here.

Good Character teaches children several of life’s lessons such as greed will eventually catch up with them, what goes around comes around so being nice counts, teamwork can be more rewarding than doing it yourself, and you’ll never go wrong by doing what’s right. $19.95. To order call 877.786.7998 or click here.

Keys to Imagination teaches children the importance of nurturing their power of imagination. Viewers are treated to fun-filled performances which underscore the significance of Albert Einstein’s comment that “imagination is more important than knowledge.” $19.95. To order call 877.786.7998 or click here.