CORELLE dinnerware goes from refrigerator or freezer, to microwave or preheated oven, to table to dishwasher... without worry. According to the manufacturer, even after years of use the patterns retain their original brilliance. This break and chip resistant dinnerware comes with a one-year warranty. Two new patterns are now available from CORELLE.

CORELLE Thymeless Herbs ($39.99) is a 20 piece set that has a nature-inspired design of sprigs of fresh herbs encircled by graceful script. The soft tones of green are highlighted with lavender, yellow and white colors to create a soothing feel.
CORELLE Sunblossoms ($19.99) is a 16 piece set that has a whimsical pattern of sunflowers and bumblebees. Fresh yellows and earthy greens are accented by highlights of black; creating a vibrant and playful design
Available at mass retailers, department and specialty stores. To learn more about  CORELLE  or to locate the closest store call 800-999-3436 or click here.