Crunch-dried Fruit and Vegetable Snacks

Crunch Dried Cracklin' Snacks are one of those rare creations where everything works just right: The process of removing the water from the fruit that keeps it so nutritious also intensifies its natural flavor. The extremely low moisture content combined with space age packaging creates a satisfying crispy texture that also, according to the manufacturer, keeps the product fresh tasting and nutritious for a shelf life of over two years. These snacks have no preservatives of any kind.

A mixed sampler with one package of each flavor (Cherry Berry package, Tropical Fruit package, Orchard Fruit package, and Sweet Corn package) is available for $4.95 + shipping and handling.

A case (24 packages) is available for $28.50 (Shipping and handling FREE).

To order call 888-222-0170 or click here.