High capacity Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) batteries are used in high-drain battery-operated devices such as digital cameras, handheld TVs, portable organizers and two-way radios. According to the manufacturer, Rayovac NiMH batteries can last up to six times longer than standard Duracell alkaline batteries and can last up to two times longer than any alkaline battery, including "super-premiums" like Duracell ULTRA and Energizer e2.

Rayovac has developed a 1-hour charger ($35) for NiMH AA and AAA batteries ($12/package of 4 batteries). The device can also be used to charge 9-volt NiMH batteries as well as NiCd batteries in various sizes.

Because NiMH batteries can be charged up to 1,000 times (compared with 25 times for rechargeable alkaline batteries) their use can result in significant cost savings over alkaline batteries.

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